Saraland, AL


Saraland is a local suburb in Mobile and a city in Mobile County, Alabama. As part of Mobile’s metropolitan area, Saraland is the third-largest city in Mobile County. Sparsely populated throughout its history, Saraland was incorporated in 1957 and named after the wife of C.J. DeWitt, a minister editor who moved to this area in the 19th century.


Apx. 14,576 (2017)


The climate in Saraland is characterized by humid, hot summers and generally cool winters, much like Tillman’s Corner. While temperatures in the winter don’t usually get very low, summer temperatures can rise above 90 degrees. 

Median House Price:

$38,200 (2010)

Zip Code:


Median Income:

Individual: $48,721

Family: $54,845

Popular Jobs:

Saraland’s economy is fueled by three major companies, which serve as the top employers in the are. These companies include:

  • Royal Dutch Shell
  • Alorica Telecommunications Center
  • China Doll


After splitting from the Mobile County Public School System in 2006, the Saraland Board of Education was formed. Residents in this area typically attend Saraland Elementary, Saraland Middle, and Saraland Highschool. The private schools in this area are Evangel Christian School, North Mobile Christian School, and the Saraland Yeshiva.

What’s it like to live in Saraland?

Saraland prides itself on being an outdoor community. There are various parks and outdoor events city residents visit on a daily basis.