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At Walley Plumbing, we specialize in a wide array of plumbing services including repairs and installations. We pride ourselves at being a one-stop shop for all homeowners experiencing plumbing issues. Walley Plumbing technicians are trained in backflow systems and backflow testing. We are on the Mobile Area Water and Sewer Systems list of approved vendors to perform backflow prevention testing and certification. MAWSS requires businesses to get annual back flow tests and that is where Walley Plumbing can help! We have the credentials to perform these tests and keep you in compliance with MAWSS requirements.



What is a Backflow System?

A backflow preventer is installed on your business’ water pipes and allows water to flow in one direction but never in the opposite direction. The purpose of a backflow preventer is to prevent your drinking water from being contaminate due to backflow. The assembly prevents siphoning. If siphoning occurs in your water supply, contaminants may travel into your drinking water.

What is Backflow Testing and Certification?

Backflow testing tests your plumbing to ensure contaminated water does not flow into your drinking water supply. The experts at Walley Plumbing are trained in backflow systems and backflow testing and can perform your annual inspection. This test can be done during a standard plumbing inspection. It is important to have backflow testing done to ensure your home has clean drinking water. We have the credentials to perform these tests and keep you in compliance with MAWSS requirements.

Our plumbers service areas around Mobile County, including: Mobile, AL; Tillman’s Corner, AL; Saraland, AL; Theodore, AL; SpringHill and surrounding neighborhoods. Our rates are affordable and our plumbers are licensed and insured.

Located in Mobile, Alabama, our plumbers are able to conduct backflow inspections in Mobile County and surrounding areas. Walley Plumbing is on the approved vendor list for MAWSS to perform backflow testing for your annual inspection. Make sure your business in in compliance, and your drinking water is contaminant free by scheduling your backflow testing today.

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